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. will tran is live in oakland with this and he says it is far too easy to get their hands on as ammunition. >> that's right she says it is too easy and it is more difficult to get cold medicine. they will ask for your identification and take down your information. she says for gun sales, that is just not there and it is not right. we are in for the oakland police apartment because obviously they have been fighting crime for a long time. they have done buybacks and deals going on. this definitely pertains to oakland and that is why oakland's mayor will be at the news conference. here are some blood points from assembly that she is wanting to introduce. she wants to make sure that all buyers present their identification to the sellers at the time of purchase. when the birds as ammunition, all ammunition sales must be reported to the department of justice. she points that out because in our recall route of the suspect stockpiled as many as 6000 rounds of ammunition without anyone even being tipped off about it. there were no red flags and she wants to make sure that that does not happen in th
will have the latest with the details. >> and eight year-old shot outside her oakland home, we are live at the hospital with the latest on her condition. >> it is not too bad of a start, kind of chilly out in fairfield and vallejo mid 30's out the door. we are in the 40's currently in santa rosa, 47 san francisco. it is a a mild start. the afternoon temperatures around seasonal. at mid to upper 50s. later on tonight we'll continue with clear skies and breezy conditions will continue to exist. i will let you know what to come up expecting in the weekend and my next report. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have not yet been activated this morning. the slow traffic is still confined to two freeways the east bay highway 4 and interstate 580 for the westbound ride. otherwise we're still looking at light bay area traffic. >> and eight year-old girl who was shot outside her relatives oakland home is in the hospital this morning. will tran is live at children's hospital oakland where the girl is recovering. >> she is recovering because she was
is on this morning for the thief that targeted the oakland museum of california, not once but the museum was hit twice. we'll tell you what was taken and what the museum is doing to try to catch the people responsible. >> reporter: it's judgment day for barry bonds and other baseball greats. we'll tell you why some people think when it comes to the hall of fame, they are out. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >>> police are investigating a violent night in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. paul chambers is live with information on injuries after a shooting and a stabbing just a block apart. paul? >> reporter: good morning, tori. now, police released the -- the scene here. take a look at some video here. police say the first time scene happened about 1:40 this morning. shots were fired in the potrero hill neighborhood. police say a 53-year-old man was exiting vehicle when he was struck by a bullet in his foot. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. almost two hours later and after officers left the first scene, th
. lower '30's for concord and pleasanton and 41 out in oakland. temperatures right now are very similar to yesterday's. at as they do not know why we do not have a freeze warning or frost advisory in effect. black ice forming is a possibility. you need to scrape your wind chills. >> oakland at 57 degrees today. 53 expected four antioch. fremont at 56. 57 in sunnyvale. the big weather story high pressure in control over the west coast. the rich and is occurring and it is pushing the storm track to our north. we do have a storm developing offshore. this was like its way up. it will not bring any rain to the bay area. the clouds will make it into the forecast. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows mild conditions as we head into the weekend however another storm will drop through. this would actually bring rain. we could see rain drops saturday night stretching into sunday morning. monday however, high-pressure rebuilt over the bay area and it looks like nothing but sunshine. the temperatures could actually climb to the '60s. we will have more on your extended forecast coming
will enjoy a clear skies and greas breezy conditions. >> vallejo 34. upper '30's in fairfield. 42 and oakland. 47 in san francisco. >> transitioning into the afternoon mid to upper 50s potentially low 60s. santa rosa 60. 62 now a pyrrhic 63 in haywood best-62 and nap--62 >> we will enjoy clear skies, sunshine, and temperatures on the moors side. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows thursday even friday mid to upper 60s. some locations to our south could warming to the seventies. it will fill like spring. inland lows dropping into the upper '30's. >> a small chance for showers into sunday. temperatures will stay on the warmer side. expect partly cloudy skies as we start the next work weeks. >> that is your weather. >> taking a quick check of your commute. no hot spots. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza doing fine. >> no problems at the san mateo bridge accident free for those of you heading toward cost the city. >> south bound 101 and easy ride the tell light making their way into san francisco. >> best-toward a foster city. >> and 8 year old girl is recovering after b
coming our way. not bad for downtown san francisco. oakland, it is our inland areas where we have local dense fog. the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory for the cortines straight and the delta. drive with caution in those areas. >> we have clouds. temperatures in the '40's and '30's. as we head into the afternoon sunny conditions are warmer conditions. partly cloudy skies as we head into the evening hours. visibility is down to 3 tenths of a mile for napa. 5 mi. for concord. we do have local dense fog currently cloudy conditions for the rest of the bay area. cloud cover will decrease as we head into the afternoon. >> temperatures by 8:00 a.m. the purple on your screen indicates most places in the '40's. it is cold out there. it is not as cold as a couple of days last week. as we put the clock into motion. by 12:00 p.m. start to see some bring something we have not seen in quite some time. some spots climbing into the '60s. 8:00 p.m. the light blue indicates most spots in the '50s. your afternoon highs 64 napa. 50 for vallejo. san mateo at 58 degrees. >> shows warm
more as we get it on air and online, >>> in oakland, assemblywoman nancy skinner introducing controversial legislation with the goal of curbing gun violence. the bill would tight regulations on ammunition sales here in the state of california. this is an initiative directly responding to the school shootings in newtown, connect, a deadly scene, where the gunman was found carrying high-capacity magazines. christie smith was there for that announcement and she joins us now with the details of this plan. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. state lawmakers and their supporters here in oakland know that they have a fight on their hands trying to regulate ammunition sales here in california, not just with the gun lobby but also with a number of people who think that something like this wouldn't be that effective, after all there is a black market here that you just can't regulate. they were led by assembly member skinner of berkeley and gathered in front of the state building to unveil ab 48 and they also held a moment of silence for the vict
visibility between 5 and ten miles. 52 degrees in oakland, 48 in napa and novato and we are very similar as to how we started so maybe walk the dog or head out to work and let's find some of that rain. we have to shift to the north, santa cruz watsonville continuing to show scattered showers and this system is pulling south and we will continue to pick up the wrap around moisture and you can see the brunt of it over areas as well as salina. if i back it up, i will show you the center of circulation off the southern coastline at this point but the wrap around moisture will continue. we will leave in a possibility of partly sunny skies and temperatures are a tad warmer, up to 50s and 60s as well as hayward and san jose. 59 san rafael, 60 degrees this afternoon in san francisco. the extended forecast there, temperatures will remain on the mild side to cool side for the afternoon on friday, mix of sun and clouds and that next chance of rain will come in time for your weekend and this system is not as wet but cooler dropping from the gulf of alaska and bringing our temperatures to upper 50s f
. concord at 37. oakland 43 degrees. and santa rosa dropping down into the upper 30s over the past hour or so. some cooling in santa rosa. 30s and 40s at 7:00. into the afternoon hours a nice recovery. here's that green contour. high pressure. storm track going way up to the north. no rain clouds for today and tomorrow. temperatures are trending up a little bit for your wednesday and also thursday. for today the readings on either side of 60 degrees. break it down beginning coast side. 8:00 will be a nice day for the beaches. readings in the upper 50s. inland we could have patchy fog develop. hazy sunshine this afternoon. reads maxing out in the lower 60s. these averages two to three degrees warmer. temperatures trending up a little bit for thursday and friday. partly cloudy skies for both saturday and also into sunday. coming up we will take a look at rain chances beyond sunday. we could be having a wet weather pattern. >>> 6:12 is the time. big day for apple fans. the conference getting under way in san francisco to celebrate all things apple. >>> also this week the city of oakland co
their case. >> oakland lawmaker take steps to tighten sales of ammunition in the state. assembly woman of the state joined a host others to introduce state bill ab48, that regulates all ammunition sales and require those who buy it to show identification. it would also ban conversion kits. >> the kits that allow you to convert a weapon to be able to shoot bullets fast without reloading. that's another thing that this bill does, eliminates that. >> oakland mayor also spoke to the ground. the bill requires ammunition dealers to be licensed and they be required to report those sales to the justice department. >> happening now the oakland city council is getting a brand new look, free new city council members are sworn into office at this hour and two them have never held elected office before. environmental advocate and an affordable housing advocate who will replace a council veteran from west oakland. the third new member will replace a veteran councilmen from another district. the california legislature begin as new session in sacramento with a new advantage for democrats. for the firs
minutes coming out of the macarthur maze. >> starting next month the city of oakland will start issuing an insult bottle id cards to undocumented workers. they will show a person's address, height and weight, similar to a driver's license. this is the first type id card that can be used as a debit card. the move may violate federal immigration laws. oakland mayor jean on i used tires has failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform and that something has to be done to help a meager population in oakland. >> most of these people need to be able to move year out of dignity and it will not go away. >> we know that people are more open to victims and they know. we're providing a way for those people to not be afraid. >> there is a onetime application fee of $15 and up to $80 monthly fee. residents will have the boy designated closing loading stations and oakland to load money on to the card. >> this is a eight look of the big board of the dow off by about 40 points. off to a negative start and trading, we will be following the numbers for you. we will be right back. look at you guys with
on 880 in oakland over the weekend. chp says 44 year- old david mayorga crossed his craft his honda civic into the center divider near high street last night and then attempted to run across four lanes of traffic. he was struck by two cars and killed. the crash brought crafted for several hours at the initial crash remains under investigation. >> the man accused of murdering seven people at tokyo's university will be back in court today for a mental competency hearing. one goh hasn't charged with murder and also faces attempted murder charges. this is video of his court hearing in april. he is accused of light on a shooting rampage at tokyo's university in april of last year. administrators say he was upset about the tool is in dispute allegedly confessed to being a shooter. >> a san jose family is lucky to be alive this morning after theirire. the fire happened on the 2500 block of list drive around 630 last night. of the resale a cadet was inside the home of the time was able to escape without any injuries. of vessels the fire spread throughout the house causing major damage and was bro
of my battling a 2 alarm fire last night in a vacant oakland home. here is video from the scene. the fire for started around 5:00 p.m., and the 600 block of harrison street near oakland's chinatown neighborhood. when firefighters arrived they found two people on a neighboring roof, and it appeared that they had stayed there from the burning home. the two were detained by oakland police for questioning. authorities say that the building is a total loss. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> meanwhile, police are investigating a body that was found along the alameda shore line. authorities say a man was walking down a path at robert w. crowned memorial state beach and noticed a body or around 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. alameda fire crews pulled on the man's body from the water near was blind and shoreline drives. he is believed to be 87 between 20 and 30 years old, he was fully close with no obvious sign of trauma. if police believe that the body had been in the water for about six hours. the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify the man. >> if
teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old powell faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. and another is charged with accessory. the victims were best friend. the 15-year-old and 16-year-old were found shot several times in east oakland in november. witnesses say there was an argument before the deadly shooting. >> a 16-year-old girl injured in a shooting near a high school at millbrae and san bruno border was shot in the stomach and leg across the street from the high school. it happened at 10:30 on saturday night. police did not say what led to the shooting. the search continues for the gunman. >> hockey fans are celebrating after the nhl and players reached a deal to end a bitter lock out. our news reporter joins us live from san jose with how shark fans are taking the news. >> eric, they are feeling really good. but at sharks ice, part of this is public skating facility and a woman does not follow the sharks but is very excited they will be back. this is, after all, san jose's only major league sports franchise and it is a point of honor. look at the
members in oakland wants do use a controversial police tactic to get guns off the street. gallo says he supports strategies that include stop and frisk. police have the authority to stop and frisk someone if they have suspicion the person is breaking the law or armed. opponents say officers take the practice too far and a judge rules similar program in new york city was unconstitutional. >> candlelight vigil is planned outside st. francis hospital for a young mother set on fire, starr lamare. she will be in the hospital for severe burns for the face and throat. the boyfriend set her on fire and remains in the san francisco county jail facing charges of arson and attempted murder. >> we have traffic and weather together next on abc7 news. the san mateo bridge shows track looking to be heavier now but still flowing. it is not foggy this morning but it could get wet today. certainly we have the cold air coming in and mike nicco will have the forecast and the commute is next. >> the landmark church in the in addition's capitol is now taking a new stand on same-sex marriage. [ fingers tappin
to 32. 42 in oakland. 47 in redwood city. 42 san jose. chilly start in sebastopol. 40 degrees in hillsburg to the east bay. 35 degrees for you in walnut creek. the winds again generally light. calm in napa as well as santa rosa. just a light breeze in oakland. livermore reporting calm conditions. it's right along the coastline and hills reporting gusty conditions. north westerly flow already settling in. that is drawing us out. that is why we are not seeing any fog out there. drier conditions already in place. we are seeing the cooler numbers as well. see just a little bit of moisture here dancing around unsettled weather in the forecast for today. should i mention that? it's almost an after thought. we have been seeing mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler. this system bringing colder air into the area. already settling in. filling it this morning and by the afternoon in addition to breezy conditions we can expect our temperatures to be below average. take a look at what i do expect for san rafael. 53 for san francisco. 54 in hayward. low to mid 50s in the north bay
this morning, an update to a story we have been following in the east bay. the oakland zoo says the alligator that was found just yesterday guarding a stash of pot inside a castro valley home has died. alameda county sheriff's deputies found the gator named mr. teeth when doing a routine probation check. it was in a tank, apparently guarding 34 pounds of dried marijuana. the gator was taken to the oakland zoo where it was placed in quarantine after its owner said it was very sick. that owner is now in jail. >>> some relief for a hayward mother whose daughter was kidnapped in 1998 and never seen again. a bone fragment found in a well in linden does not match michaele garecht's dna. the well is believed to be a dumping ground for the so-called speed freak killers. in a blog post, garecht says she's disappointed there's still no answer what happened to michaela but goes on to say, quote, the feeling i felt was a sense of relief. >>> san francisco police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a suspected killer. police say this video right here shows a clean-shaven man with long hair
will burn off. clearlake, 64. st. helena, 64. 56 antioch. 64 berkeley, oakland. mid-60s here. santa clara, 64. 60s on the coast. it should be beautiful. 63 redwood city, palo alto and mountain view atherton. we have a little bit more fog tomorrow and then here comes the cold surge dropping down thursday and friday. the mornings will be all right the -- i mean, it will be cold. but it will still be breezy. >>> 7:10. pleasant in -- police in pleasant hill have arrested a teenager accused of casing homes but another suspect is on the loose still. police are looking for this man, 28-year-old richard guerro because they say he and a 17- year-old boy were seen casing homes to burglarize saturday morning. a neighbor told police they were writing down information about the homes in the neighborhood. police found their car but officers say guerro managed to escape after leading them on a chase. >>> a new fish census shows reduced numbers of six types of fish in the past year, including the protected delta smelt. those numbers started to go down sharply in 2002. state fish and wildlife officials sa
saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right. thank you. coming up a fire destroys a home in oakland. the reason investigators are now focusing on squatters. >> we are live in san jose where we have found a new lead in the case of an attempted kidnapping. what has taken police so long to find about this potential suspect. >> and the lengths some homeowners are going to for a parking space. . >>> welcome back. time now is 7:59, we have new information about the search for the man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old. police say the girl was walking near east saint james street early friday morning when a man grabbed her and dragged her into a driveway. we just learned about a possible new lead from a neighbor. >> reporter: yeah. she said her husband when he found about this suspect he called police. he let them know he had an idea of who this person could actually be. he didn't call earlier because nobody knew about this case until recently and that's because police withheld the information for a week because of the hopes that -- happened last week by a woman who said someone tried to
is a live from children's hospital in oakland where the girl is recovering, good morning and we'll. >> they have no suspects, no arrest, and no motive. this is our partner should view from abc 7 news. the girl was playing at in this house when several suspects in broad daylight, came past and shot from an s u b. they did not hit their intended target. she was the only person that was hit. she was not the person that that role looking for and the word got back to the chief of police. he stated that he came out to the community and talked to the family and told them that he needed their help as well as the community to solve this case. nonetheless he will have a news conference at 11:45 a.m.. because of what has happened he will address a lot of issues as well. >> jury deliberations will soon be underway this morning in the retrial of deborah madden. the former san francisco crime lab technician is accused of taking cocaine from her workplace since 2009. the scandal led to the closure of the lab and force prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases. madden's first trial ende
in 30 minutes. >> to suspects in the murders of two teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. the 19-year-old is charged as an accessory. the victims were best friends, 15-year-old and a 16-year-old. they were found shot several times in east oakland in november. witnesses say there was an argument before the deadly shooting. >> this morning, police are searching for the suspect would shot a 16-year-old girl on the peninsula right across the street from the high school on the border of san bruno on saturday night. the teen is from south san francisco. investigators say she was wounded in the stomach and leg and is expected to survive. police have not said what led to the shooting. >> sheriff deputies are looking for a hitchhiker who stabbed a driver who gave him a ride. the santa rose press democrat reports there was a driver in the car and he picked up the hitch hitchhiker on saturday night. investigators are not sure but the hitchhiker stabbed the driver twice before the driver was able to get him out of the car.
been exposed. >> for example, that shipping channel from the bay bridge to the oakland astuary is covered by the restrictions. however, it looks like maybe the bay bridge itself is not part of the restrictions. >> reporter: the executive director of san francisco baykeeper, and she is on the harbor safety committee. she tells me the bay bridge should definitely be listed as a critical maneuvering area. >> it seems that there's a possibility that just a slight change to the rules will bring the bridge into a critical maneuver. >> reporter: making the change could take a few weeks. the harbor safety committee meets thursday, and the item is not on the agenda. it will meet again next month. until then, the investigation into how the ship hit the bridge continues as does the work to close the gap in the san francisco harbor's committee safety plan. >> it was a close call and a good opportunity for us to look at all of our planning and response systems. >> reporter: now the harbor safety committee is not only going to go over those critical maneuvering areas, they're going to review
ride out of oakland to san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge is problem free for those of you heading towards of the city. >> the golden gate bridge is wet keep that in mind. other than that no accidents to report we are seeing green on the road way censors for those of you coming out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> 4:03. we have a developing story in marin county. a water main plank in kentfield . chp says the intersection may buckle as it is not possible at this hour. flood started this morning around 2:15 a.m.. we have a crew in route, we will bring you updates as they become available. >> this is video that has come into our newsroom with water gushing out of the ground as a result of a water main break. >> fire crews spent most of the night valley to alarm fire and a vacant building in oakland. we have video from the scene. the first- best fire first started around 6 and evein the evening. >> when firefighters arrived they found two people in a neighboring roof and it appeared they had escaped their from a burning home. the two were detained by oakland police for q
is just hours away. >>> and a press conference to talk about the latest break in at the oakland museum in californian and we will tell you -- california and we will hear about other similar break- ins and similarities between the two. >>> they are now launching a safety investigation, we will explain, stay with us. . >>> well, good morning to you, it is wednesday, middle of the week, cold will be the bigger story. some rain coming in, mainly on the coast, we had that east wind and now it is more of a northerly breeze and highs will be in the 50s. here is sal. >>> traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge and notice workers are coming down to the place do and -- plaza and they are coming down to the commute pattern and trucks are leaving the bridge. san mateo traffic is moving well, let's go back to the desk. >>> a reward will be announced and they are hoping to recover a valuable artifact stolen from the museum of california. in oakland, there is more to tell us about the brick in and this is not the first time that museum has been hit, dave? >>> it is normally closed month day
coming through berkeley and out to the oakland area and when you get to the toll plaza it is not busy just yet and everything looks good on 101 coming to the downtown area. let's go back to the desk. >>> a search continues for a san francisco man accused of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. alex savage has more in san francisco with what family members are saying about this attack, good morning, alex. >> reporter: they say it was an argument about laundry which prompted the attack. the victim in this case is a mother of three and remains hospitalized with severe burns to her face and chest. police are still searching for that woman's boyfriend and they want you to watch for dexter oliver. he is wanted for this attack.  he is still on the run according to the police i spoke to a time ago. it happened in the bay view district and police say oliver used gas from one of the cancers at the couple's homes and he put it into a can and doused her girlfriend and set her on fire. relatives say the victim is 25- year-old star lamar. her sister said the couple did fi
hours. all in all wile be mainly dry. 63 expected for oakland. 61 in mountain view. low 60s for santa rosa as well as snap a and 60s are expected for the afternoon and a mix of sun and clouds for the last business day of the week temperatures will be slightly warmer friday afternoon and we will have a lot more cloud cover and patchy fog to deal with and temperatures in the 40s to near 50s defreeze, and there is a dryer air mass. a few sprinkles into saturday and sunday and temperatures cooler for your afternoon. >>> most european markets are starting the trading day with gains but it was the opposite story in asia. south korea china all lost 2 shirt of a%. the nikkei lost one and a quarter% and that's despite record trade gap struggling. >>> it looked like futures there indicated a pretty good drop for the nasdaq and all of them are up since yesterday and i will tell you why nasdaq is expected to go down. it is tanking after the closing bell that it missed its move for the third quarter in a row. it is a $50 billion drop in the company's value. >>> coming up only on 2, a sit down with
it low 50s. 534 oakland and hayward. . 51 and pleasanton. >> upper 50s, lows 60s select conditions compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and radar shows some of the rotation moisture spinning its way north into the bay area. that will continue throughout the day however, the unsettled weather will start to diminish by later tonight. >> i do not think we will see any rain for the evening hours. as we take it to future cast 4 by a.m. light rain for the coast line in the mid peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover lingering but not much moisture. >> 10:00 a.m. light rain for napa, vallejo, along the delta. >> not much later this afternoon by 1:00 p.m. we're not picking up much. >> the cloud cover and cool weather will stick around but not much rain into the evening hours. >> we may see it as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday a series of systems dropping from the gulf of alaska will bring cold showers to our area. >> not a lot of moisture associated with th
. this is worth running into. this is sears. amtrak service is stopped between oakland and martinez because of a suspicious fire in crockett. a pier near th >>> good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat f get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. amtrak service is delayed between oakland's and martinez because of a suspicious fire in crockett. a pier near the c & h sugar company burning this morning. fire boats are on the scene. still trying to take care of that fire. >>> this is the day fire stations in lafayette martinez and walnut creek are closing to save contra costa county's fire district millions of dollars. also a station in clayton will cut back to 36 hours a week. >>> and a new convenience store is being ordered to shut its doors in san mateo. the city council agrees with neighbors that the 7-eleven should not have been approved in a residential zone. it's been open for two weeks. traffic and weather coming up. >>> good morning. heading into hayward we have an accident westbound 92 approaching industrial. across the san mateo bridge, tho
. however police say none of the three people in that car was injured. >>> oakland police detectives are also investigating the first homicide of the year. a teenage boy who was gunned down in broad daylight. police say the shooting happened on hegenburger road near hamilton street around 12:45 this afternoon. the victim was alone in the car when officers arrived. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner has not yet released the teen's name or able and -- or age. >>> a former oakland nursing student is not mentally competent to stand trial. the judge issued the ruling after reviewing reports from two psychiatrists who examined 44-year-old goh. they concluded that goh suffers from schizophrenia. he opened fire last april killing six classmates and a class member at oikos university. goh will likely be sent to napa state hospital if doctors determine his condition has changed he could stand trial at some point in the future. >>> comedian kat williams faces more legal trouble tonight. a judge issued more charges today after he failed to appear in court. williams is curren
first prove that the statements are false. >>> the city of oakland will begin issuing identification cards to help residents without legal immigration status. the card can also double as a debit card. the cards will be available to oakland residents for a $15 fee. opponents of the program say it legit mizes illegal immigrants and undermines the federal law. the oakland mayor, however, doesn't see it that way. way. >> this nation is way overdue for immigration reform and these people that have been here for decades should have some pathway for being able to live here with dignity. >> the i.d. cards will begin and be available beginning february 1. oakland expects to issue 6,000 of them during the first year of the program. >>> the governor is about to announce one of the most significant changes in decades in how california funds education. abc 7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda explains that it will change the way many special programs are paid for. and, of course, the plan is already growing. >> reporter: in a bid to give districts more local control and boost funding for
in that car was injured. >>> oakland police detectives are also investigating the first homicide of the year. a teenage boy who was gunned down in broad daylight. police say the shooting happened on hegenburger road near hamilton street around 12:45 this afternoon. the victim was alone in the car when officers arrived. the teen was pronounced dead at the scene. the coroner has not yet released the teen's name or able and -- or age. >>> a former oakland nursing student is not mentally competent to stand trial. the judge issued the ruling after reviewing reports from two psychiatrists who examined 44-year-old goh. they concluded that goh suffers from schizophrenia. he opened fire last april killing six classmates and a class member at oikos university. goh will likely be sent to napa state hospital if doctors determine his condition has changed he could stand trial at some point in the future. >>> comedian kat williams faces more legal trouble tonight. a judge issued more charges today after he failed to appear in court. williams is currently free on bail after an arrest in los angeles on cha
at oakland walgreens. when the robber came out shooting, he was hit. 8 times. >> kind of ironic. but i did choose oakland on the basis that i kind of miss the action. >>reporter: now after nearly a dozen surgery the 31-year-old officer can walk but only with a cain. standing for any length of time is difficult. but he's moving on and this team from home depot is helping with complete renovation of his yard. >> we are just trying to make his yard a place that he can enjoy himself. so we are diagnose a lot low maintenance a astro turf, fire pit and pergola and paver patio. >> volunteer to come out and donate their time to do all the stuff that needs to be done. >>reporter: when this is finished he will be able to safely use his out door area. another small step in a long process of recovery for the young veteran. >> awesome because all the people around here have been thanking me for my service but look at the service that they are providing for their own community. >>reporter: you can see putting the finishing touch open new gazebo 0back there non-profit group called hands on bay area
earlier. >>> oakland city officials hope that new plans to bring in a prominent former los angeles police chief will improve and reshape the police force. it's an expensive move. the department is paying former l.a.p.d. william brat on it $250,000 a year -- bratton $250,000 a year beginning next month. that is on top of the $100,000 the city of paying an associate of bratton. this goes before the city council for approval. >>> three new city council members will be sworn in today. their goal is to get more police officers hired to help with understaffing at the department. new members include noel gy, dan cal be and lin net gibson -- lynnette gibson. >>> three hours from now, president obama will nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as defense secretary. coming up at 7:15, why members of hagel's own party say they are against his nomination. >>> at the same white house event this morning, president obama will nominate john brennan as the new cia director. he's currently the counterterrorism and homeland security adviser. he's also a 25-year cia veteran. president obama considere
in oakland, they wrapped up roadwork. so all roads are open in hayward and downtown. >>> surveillance video captured a man trying to kidnap a 13- year-old girl in san jose. the teenager fought hard and broke free. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the san jose police department with more on this investigation. cate. >> reporter: good morning. officers at the san jose police department are hoping this new surveillance video can lead to the arrest of the suspect. >> we slowed it down to get a closer look. first a victim wearing white gets snatched from behind. dragged into a dark driveway. police say the 13-year-old screamed and fought back. a few seconds later she broke free and ran down the street. police released this sketch of the suspect. this happened last friday morning on 33rd and saint james. officers commended the bill for putting up the fight. >> it was a frightening situation and she fought back and escaped the perpetrator. >> officers say the suspect wore blue dickie's work pants with brown shoes stained with white paint. >> anyone with
safety. the three new members is to help with under staffing at the oakland police department. newcomers is for more people to join the staff annan net gibson in an a an afford -- in an affordable housing unit. >>> brennan is currently the homeland security adviser and is a 25 year veteran. president barack obama considered nominating him four years ago but he withdrew his name after information came up about things he was uncomfortable with. >>> several republican lawmakers have considered hagel's stand on israel and hamas. >> chuck hagel if confirmed for secretary he of defense would be the most antagonistic for the state of israel in history. >> he served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as the united states senator and he has not had a chance to speak for himself. >> hagel can vote and is aimed at some sanctions and he is replacing leon panetta who is stepping down. >>> secretary clinton was released and a was admitted when they followed up on a concussion she suffered in december. she will participate in events for ahmed wali karzai visit on friday. >>> lots of people as w
on the peninsula and in the south bay. we have mid-to-upper 40's around san rafael and oakland at 44, and fremont is at 47 and san francisco is 48 and half moon bay at 43. calm conditions out there. not much of a wind chill but the fog is nut going to dissipate soon. we will have to get sunlight to dissipate the fog. fog through 7:00 with temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's. we will have mostly clouds at balloon and low-to-mid 50's at 4:00. 4:00 all the way through the evening we have the best chance of a scattered light shower as the cold front comes law and the cold front will bring us the exceptionally cold mornings for the next several mornings into the weekend and we will talk about forecast advisories and freeze warnings. tomorrow, temperatures barely make it to 50 and low-to-mid 50's on friday and another chance of a shower on saturday. >> on south san jose southbound 101 before blossom hill road we have an overturned vehicle in a ditch on the shoulder. we have fire crews and a tow truck on the scene. you could find delay beyond the scene. cal train says the northbound 101 train is
that the man was located this morning at an oakland hospital. police say walter wakumski is at the medical center. he appeared to be having a medical episode and they called an ambulance and transport transported hypttoll hospital. >> it's a wet start to the morning, but looks like the rain clouds have left the area. let's check in with ktvu chief meteorologist mark tamayo. >> reporter: hi ken we picked up a if you punth of an inch up to .5" of rain. still some mostly cloudy observations, but there is a live doppler sweep showing the dry weather pattern. the rainfall is focused to the south, down towards southern california, santa barbara and los angeles. as far as rainfall totals you will see santa rosa picked up for the weekend .44". san francisco .34". he'll just over .25" and concord at .23". a look at current numbers out there. it's pretty cold and some 40s out towards fairfield, and antioch. a dry weather apparenting and warming one as well for monday into tuesday. but still some lingering clouds to start out your monday with part to mostly cloudy skies. i am tracking a major coolin
. the police responded to a shooting and stabbing just hours apart. >>> good morning, we are live in oakland where the museum was broken into on monday and we will tell you what they stole and how it is connected to another burglary at this same museum and what is happening to try and catch people responsible. >>> it is the beginning of an important time on wall street and we will take you to the opening bell up next. six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun. . >> ee welcome back -- >>> welcome back, future indicate a highe
is this morning being cared for at the oakland zoo. he is described as being very sick so the zoo is taking care of him right now. >> we found out he had the alligator for 16 years and when we asked him how long he had it, he said he got the alligator to commemorate the death of two pock so that was in 1996. >> deputies went there yesterday to do a probation check on him and he had been convicted of a disturbance. neighbors say they don't know him or his wife or two-year-old child. they knew they had dogs but they certainly did not know about the 34 pounds of marijuana that mr. teeth was apparently guarding. one woman said she gets upset when she thinks about all the kids who play in the neighborhood. >> it is terrible, it is the size of a child and i don't know how that could happen. it is very scary. >> reporter: let me show you the marijuana mr. teeth was guarding, an estimated street value of $134,000. he was being held on $160,000 bail and will face charges for drug charges. we have seen them online costing 250 bucks on up and we should also tell you, fish and game list it as illegal to own
and investigating to shootings that happen in east oakland. the first inning happened around 715 last night and 9000 block of olive street. one victim was taken to a local hospital be treated for gunshot wound is that it was reported after 745 at 9600 block of empire road. the victim in that shooting was grazed by a bullet was not reported not transported to a hospital. police are trying to determine whether the shootings are related and not detain anyone in connection with either shooting. >> the lafayette school district is joining a growing list of schools making security changes. the district will implement a new emergency locked down system. it will allow teachers to lock their doors from inside the classroom instead of going out into the hall. the new locks will go on to all five school districts on all 205 classroom doors. the lots are just one new layer of security. in the security cameras are also non place and about a dozen at each school that work day and night. >> san mateo county plans to hold its first gun buyback program of the year. the gun buyback aims to momentarily reward the volu
.m. now, once you get past san lorenzo everything is moving at the limit through oakland all the way towards the macarthur maze. let's check the south bay commute. here's a live look at san jose. 101 still moving at the limit approaching mckee. coming up a check of mass transit. back to you guys. >>> surveillance cameras show a man trying to kidnap a 13-year- old girl in san jose. the teenager fought hard and breck free. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the san jose police department this morning with more on the investigation. >> reporter: officers here at the san jose police department are hoping this new surveillance video can help lead to the arrest of the suspect. take a look. we slowed down the video. first you see the victim who is wearing white get dragged from behind into a dark driveway. police say the 13-year-old girl screamed and fought back. a few seconds later she broke free and ran down the street. police released this sketch of the man last friday morning on 33rd and saint james streets. officers commended the girl for putting up
, the fourth was at west view drive in oakland, crews worked to fix the break on santa clara street. abc 7 news is live for us. nick? >> the work all day and have continued to work up until the last minute. in fact, they just wrapped up, here in hayward. you know if you woke up in the morning with out running water, they did their best to cross the east bay to make sure that if that tap wasn't working to get that water flowing again. the city of hayward's department of public works forced to deal with one of five reported water main break as cross the east bay today arngs 4:30, reports of the break made its way to city hall. by 5:00 a.m. crews identified a problem, and were digging up a section of santa clara street to fix the busted pipes. more than 300 customers were without water. the problem? this section of pipe. the 12 inch pipe built in 1958 became a casualty of age. officialseyy say one more thin. >> amounts of rains that we've had in the a lot of two storms playing a role. the fact that some cords fell recently. >> customers in four other neighborhoods would wake up to water main prob
. >> and it's not just a feel good thing, the three effects mentoring has on children and how oakland is honoring the adults who form those partnerships. >>> something every parent may want to know. how to raise your child's iq. >> knowing how to raise my child's i q by seven points, sure. >> and the surprising proposal from one bay area city. >> plus -- >> a lot of 49ers gear floating around these days but can you tell the real licensed merchandise from the fake? >> what to look out for when buying your 49er gear. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> the world's largest fast food chain is apologizing for the length of its sandwiches. today subway issued an apology after a photo appeared online showing the subway measuring only 11-inches. subway says it's doubling measures to create consistency. >>> the city of oakland today honored citizens as heros. mayor quan recognized court advocates for juniors. it's especially important for at risk youth, she says. >> i've always defined that as the kids who are in foster care, the kids who the oakland police have contact with each year
of the district attorney. >>> oakland is rolling out its new city id cards, a move not everybody's too happy with. the city issuing the id cards to help residents without legal immigration status with everything from dealing with police to cashing checks. several cities do have similar programs. oakland will be the first to tie it to banking so cardholders can use it as a debit card. critics say undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to have the cards while the mayor says it's going to improve lives. >> the reality is this nation is way overdue for immigration reform. these people who have been here for decades, i think most americans agree, should have some pathway to being able to live here with dignity. >> for the record, these cards will run $15 for adults. minors and seniors will pay less. a total of about 6,000 cards will be issued starting on february 1st. >>> governor jerry brown is back at it again. he is facing large opposition against his proposal to change california school funding. specifics to his plan have yet to be released. but the governor wants to simplify funding stream
bridge to the oakland estuary is definitely covered by this visibility restriction. however, it looked like maybe the bay bridge itself is not part of the restrictions. >> reporter: now, deb is also on the harbor safety committee which meets this thursday. she tells me they cannot make any changes until the issue is put on the agenda. so they are hoping to do it by their next meeting next month. and they're not only going to be looking at those critical maneuvering areas and the bay bridge itself but the harbor safety committee is also going to be reviewing its entire safety plan to see if there are any more gaps. we're live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> we have continuing coverage of the story including live streaming news conferences, raw video and close-up pictures of the damage. you'll find it on our website, >>> weather whiplash. a live look outside from our high-definition towercams. they show a beautiful and warmer day, but that is about to change. chief meteorologist jeff ra rainieri tells us when to expect the chang
tomorrow. north bay highs mainly low 60. 61 sonoma. 62 napa. 62 santa rosa. east bay, 62 oakland, fremont and castro valley. inland east ba highs right around or just barely above 60 degrees and near monterey bay mainly mid 60s inland and low 60s near the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures drop on wednesday and there is a slight chance of showers on wednesday. and with the cold air on thursday not only a slight chance of showers but snow levels down to 1500 feet if there is enough moisture with the frontal system to produce any precipitation. then we dry out going into the weekend. pretty cool towards the end of the week. >> thanks, spence. >>> coming up next, a tabletop computer your whole family can use at the same time. and a new smartphone app that [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day
of a mile for santa rosa. still under 2 mi. for napa and navato. >> 3 mi. around oakland area coming down the east bay shoreline. i've with extra caution we have locally dense fog. taking a look in your head lights into the afternoon mostly cloudy i think we will see a war breaks of sunshine that we did yesterday afternoon. weather continues to be unsettled. temperatures will be in the upper 50s lows 60s. such a chance for showers start to hold on to a potential upstart into the evening hours. details on what we get calls coming up in just a bit. james. >> thank you erica a developing story out antioch park. it happened near sutter elementary school in antioch. >> off we're showing you the school. highway 4 the freeway. the school is dazzled inside a residential community. the building in the driveway that leads into the parking area where the kids come and go from campus. that is where it had yesterday's. that is where we find on for 12th tran live with details on the story. >> will tran. >> all parents know what happened yesterday's spirited boy was heading home a man pulled up to him a
sits c francisco gutierrez who was walk ing into the store. >>> the city of oakland expects to issue 6,000 of its new city i.d. cards beginning this year including cards for undocumented immigrants. the card program will roll out february 1. several cities have similar cards but oakland will be the first to tie it into banking. so no matter their immigration status, card hold eers can use e i.d. as a debit card that will reduce the amount of cash, undocumented immigrants will need to carry and their dependence on check kak services. the cards will cost $15 for adults, minors and seniors will pay less. the card also does not identify card holders by gender, something that was requested by the transgender community. >> a subject of a warning out of marin county of a death of a richmond man. fire officials say 59-year-old charles quade was swept out to sea by an unusually large wave yesterd yesterday. he and his wife were walking their their dog when a large wave knocked them to the sand. "the chronicle" reports he went into the surf to rescue his dog but never made it back. paramedics tr
the bay bridge. the san francisco oakland bay bridge. an oil tanker, more specifically according to ktvu fox 2 for the bay area it struck is support for the bay bridge just about 12:20 this afternoon. about 15 minutes ago california time. this brings back awful memories for the people of san francisco in the bay area in general from a collision that happened in 2007 when a 900-foot container ship struck that same bridge and more than 53-gallons of fuel oil poured into the bay, killed by local determinations more than 6800 birds and harmed a herring spawn that winter. closed the beaches to swimmers for weeks. this one, though, there are no signs of any oil leaking at all. the coast guard is responding. the tanker appears to be intact. whether there s anything more to this, we don't have any way to know yet until the inspectors get throughout. at first glance at least there does not appear to be an oil spill. the headline anneal tanker struck a support for the san francisco oakland bay bridge. any new information from the coast guard we will ring to you you reit away. the syrian president
a mass snekt an oakland nursing school is not mentally hit fit to stand trial. he's accused of killing seven people at oikos university. this shows he's lost quite a bit of weight. the lawyer says the client is not eating and says goh is full of shame from the april 12th, 2012 massacre. seven people were kill that had day. today in court a psychiatrist said goh suffers from paranoid skrits fren yachl the lawyer says this is based on numerous factor autos the experiences he's been having in terms2&8% of thought patterns and based on the police report. based upon his confessions to the police. he took responsibility for the acts. >> goh admitted to firing shots he pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the judge and attorneys will decide what steps to take next in a hearing later this month. >> friends and relatives of a man shot to death by police still have questions tonight. police release details about the conversation they had with hair stylist anthony banta. >> officers don't shoot and kill anyoneful they don't shoot anyone unless they're forced to do that. >> police chief defended
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